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What is the old days of old eggs?

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We use fertilized eggs laid by chickens that have been raised vigorously running around in the vast nature of a vast farm.
It's called old egg.
These eggs are the result of love between a rooster and a hen who were raised in a carefree environment.
Because it is a traditional free-range method, it is a delicious egg produced by healthy chickens..
At Ark Farm, the black chicken called Nera is the most suitable for grazing. the most beautiful in the world
A chicken that is said to lay eggs.
We pay close attention to the feed we give to our chickens, so we use only feed that does not contain preservatives.
We provide products that have not been genetically modified.
Furthermore, the unique odor of eggs is eliminated by blending herbs.
It's very delicious. Please try it.

Sales Department Akemi Chiba

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