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Jumbo pumpkins and mini pumpkins in the field

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Autumn is coming early this year.

Jumbo pumpkins for Halloween are growing big in the pumpkin patch at Ark Farm.

The color is also getting darker.

I'm sorry that the grass is unsightly!

For safety and security, we don't use pesticides or herbicides in the fields, so (to be honest) the fields are not full of grass everywhere.

(In honor of the person in charge of vegetables)

Lay down a weed control sheet to suppress weeds and prevent the surface of the pumpkin from getting dirty.

It is time to harvest when the fruit becomes fuller and the stems begin to wither.

They come in various sizes and shapes.

There are many interesting shapes. Dokomodake, gourd type, etc...

We cannot make standard products, but we leave it to the seeds, weather, and fields.

We also made a variety of mini-sized toy pumpkins.

It will be sold at plant shops and other stores from Silver Week.

By the way, when does Halloween start?

As October approaches, in recent years many shops are all decorated with Halloween, Halloween, Halloween...

To be exact, it's October 31st.

The Christian festival, All Hallows' Day, is celebrated on November 1st.

That Eve is Halloween.

In Europe and America, children dress up as witches, devils, etc. and go from house to house holding pumpkin lanterns and offering sweets.

It seems to be a habit to play.

I wonder if they're worried about their children getting cavities after receiving so many sweets.

Don't make mistakes when it comes to having fun! ?

Hi hi.

pumpkin person


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