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I also started making pork buns.

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Summer is over, and when you look at the flowers and fruits around you, you feel autumn.
There are times when I look up at the sky and the autumn sky soothes my soul.
I love the autumn season. Autumn is also the season of good appetite (lol)
Now, when the weather gets colder, what I miss is the warmth and warmth.
It's food, isn't it?
At this time of year, the farm market sells homemade pigs in the store.
We sell buns (¥300 each).
The pork buns are large and filling, and customers say they are very delicious.
We have received evaluations.
Here I would like to introduce pork buns.
The pork bun skin is made with home-grown Nambu flour that is grown organically and without pesticides.
The ingredients are 100% Tategamori Kogen pork! !
We also use plenty of onions grown without pesticides at Tategamori Ark Farm.
It is an original combination of ingredients seasoned with carefully selected seasonings.
And each pork bun is hand-wrapped.
This is a great product that I would like to recommend with confidence.
If you come to the farm market, please make sure to buy some.

Farm Market Rika Senda

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