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Unfortunately it's raining today...

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Although it is raining, we will inform you about the flowering status of the farm flower garden.

First of all, Salvia from Yumemigaoka Garden.
From this year, a nice signboard has been installed. ↓↓


It was raining quite a bit, so I couldn't get a good photo, but this year I saw bright red salvia and marigold.
It's a garden♪
It is growing well after weeding and watering in the intense heat.

Next is Niji no Oka Garden.
This is cosmos, which means autumn cherry blossoms.
虹の丘ガーデン コスモス
It's still starting to bloom, so it looks like this, but it's going to be a pink carpet.
This year, the grass is not very tall, so you can see the beautiful carpet without having to stand on the viewing platform.

And the shining hill.
It's hazy, but when it clears up, the light from Lake Izunuma and Uchinuma in neighboring Miyagi Prefecture reflects and looks sparkling.

It's still green, but there are cosmos in the foreground.
There are buckwheat flowers in the back.
It's only been about two weeks since I sowed the seeds, so they've just sprouted.
It will become more colorful as autumn deepens.

I look forward to the future.

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