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Ark's BBQ is different from the "charcoal"!

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We have entered the summer vacation and the intense heat continues.
How about BBQ with some thick meat while it gets hot?

What is essential to BBQ at Ark Ranch? . Meat!! Sauce (Ark original)!!. And it's charcoal(^^)
The charcoal used at Ark Farm is domestically produced. Moreover, it is made by a Fujisawa craftsman (a very handsome man).

Charcoal emits four times as much far infrared rays as gas, so it is also known as ``distant fire.''
Since the meat is grilled from a distance at a high temperature, it locks in the moisture in the meat and makes it crispy on the outside.
Also, domestically produced bamboo charcoal is irregular but has a very fine texture.

Enjoy the open scenery of Ark Ranch♪ Enjoy the stylish atmosphere of the BBQ terrace♪
With family, couples, and friends. .
Enjoy the smiles of those eating with you♪

Please get hot in body and mind and enjoy the BBQ d=(^o^)=b
We are waiting for you all day long!

Tomoka Hatakeyama

地元で焼いてもらっている炭 BBQハウスから見える夕日 牧場産の麦穂がディスプレイされたBBQテーブル


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