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Origin of sausage

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Did you know that ham and sausage were originally made as preserved foods?

Ham sausages originated when ancient people learned that meat could be preserved for a long time by salting it during an era when hunting was still popular, and depending on the environment, it was processed by freezing, salting, drying, and smoking. He is said to have discovered this method of preservation before recorded history.

The origin of sausage is that it is made without any leftover meat.
In the Middle Ages, spices and other ingredients began to be used in various regions, and manufacturing techniques improved, making it possible to make a wide variety of delicious ham sausages from tough, salty meat.

Thanks to the wisdom and efforts of our predecessors, we are now able to enjoy delicious ham and sausage.

At Tategamori Ark Farm, we sell about 20 types of hams and sausages with a wide variety of aromas and flavors at our online shop.

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Ham Kobo Kumagaya

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