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As a breeding farm.

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This is Kato from Hanaizumi Farm.
As a pig breeding farm, Hanaizumi Farm currently has eight staff working together to take on the challenges of daily operations.
Furthermore, we aim to improve productivity by introducing varieties with high reproductive ability.

What is reproductive ability here?

・Number of litters (number of piglets born)

・Nursing ability (number of babies raised before weaning)

- Lactation power (the amount of milk produced, which affects the growth of piglets)

・Piglet uniformity (uniformity of piglets)

・Consecutive production (economical number of reproductions)

・Easy to care for and robust


What is important in this is to give birth to a large number of large piglets and raise them.

Secondly, the piglets are well-balanced, there is little variation in size, and there are fewer disorders such as hernias and bisexuality.

This point is likely to be hereditary, so we are careful when selecting breeding pigs (piglets that will become parents).

Also, they are highly productive and easy to care for.

Actual breeding results are determined not only by the pig's innate ability, but also by breeding techniques, so experience and training are important.

I will continue to do my best by researching and making efforts, deepening my knowledge of pigs, talking with them, empathizing with them, and being prepared to live with them.

I would like to come.

Shoichi Kato

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