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Making umeboshi from plums harvested at the ranch

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One morning in July, when I came to work, I saw seven large barrels of ripe plums in water at the Till's employee entrance, and I was wondering what they were, but then I realized that I had harvested a lot of plums from the farm, so I started processing them. He said he wanted it.

I had so many plums (approximately 120 kg), and I was thinking that what would happen if I failed, so I took off the stems one by one, pickled them in salt, dried them for about 3 days, and then pickled them.

Customers who are members of "Yamabatobin" on regular flights will be included in the delivery menu in the future.
There are quite a few additive-free umeboshi in the world, but there are very few that use ume grown without pesticides.
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All that's left to do is let the flavors blend for 2 to 3 months and it's ready.
I'm looking forward to it even though I'm worried about how it will taste.


Tills Tomoko Minagawa

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