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nice to meet you.
This is Ayumi Sugawara from the poultry farming department.
I am in charge of taking care of the animals on the farm and manning the egg collecting toll booth on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

I joined the company in February and have been working in the poultry department since March, but the chickens and animals seem to know that I'm a new employee, so I try to do various things.
Male sheep are especially difficult!
Male sheep fight by hitting each other with their heads, and for some reason he also headbutts me from behind almost every day. ...I can't tell you how many times I've been knocked down...even though I'm neither a sheep nor a male...
It's okay as long as you don't show your back! Then, when I let my guard down a bit, boom! !

Sheep: "You're an idiot for showing your weakness in front of me. Damn you!"

yes. sorry. It was my fault for letting my guard down. ...But even though I just came to feed you... it's terrible.

This is how the animals are educating new employees.
Thanks to you, the day passes quickly.

While learning from the animals who live each day to the fullest,
I want to pay attention to even the slightest changes in the behavior and behavior of animals that I cannot communicate with, and take care of them so that they can stay healthy forever.

Photos of the sheep bosses will be posted later.

If you see an employee rolling next to a sheep, that's me.

Poultry Farming Department Ayumi Sugawara


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