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This is Sasaki from the Tokyo sales office.

Recently, it is rainy season in Tokyo,
The temperature continues to be unstable.

I'm not someone who dislikes rainy days, but...
I don't like the stuffy air when the temperature rises after the rain.
On days like that, you can change your mood with refreshing food even in the heat!

In fact, I sometimes take a stool with Yamaba once a month.
Since the day before my arrival, I have been nervous about what the content will be like.
I'm looking forward to it.
*Because I am from the same period as Shinohara, who is in charge of Yamabato Express.
After arrival, we share various information from the customer's perspective.

Seasonal organic vegetables that give you a sense of the season.
Pork and fertilized eggs raised in an environment surrounded by nature in Iwate.
Carefully processed products.

In addition to Yamabatobin, there are also distribution groups specializing in meat and processed products.
Personally, I am a fan of Yamabato!
``It's hard to find delicious vegetables...''
Perfect for you!

It seems that there are some items that are available as trial flights.
Please give it a try! !

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