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The wheat harvest is over.

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The rainy season has arrived in Tohoku.
For those of us in charge of farm management, we spend our days paying attention to the lack of sunlight and too much rain.
This includes the growth management of vegetables and flowers.

This year, every day since spring has been very difficult with sunny skies, high temperatures, and lack of water.

Meanwhile, the wheat, which had been slow to grow, ripened again this year, and we harvested it over two days, July 4th (Saturday) and July 5th (Sunday).
I was worried because of the bad weather, but I was able to harvest wheat that was in good condition and had large grains (ears).

From now on, this wheat will be dried and stored, and after being milled, it will be used to make original products such as bread, sweets, udon noodles, and shumai from Ark Farm.
Of course, we also sell brown barley and wheat flour, so we look forward to your use.

By the way, Ark Farm's wheat is

Variety Nanbu wheat
Cultivation: Organic cultivation without pesticides
We grow with safety and security as our motto, so we receive many inquiries from specialized businesses.

Farm Department Shigehiro Fujino

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