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Let's turn Tategamori Kogen Road into the Yamaboushi Road of your dreams!

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Hashimoto, the founder of Ark Ranch, had a dream concept:

About 25 years ago, the current ranch was developed as a nationally developed farmland.

It was a painful sight to clear the mountains and develop farmland.

``First of all, let's bring back the greenery!'' We planted many flowers and trees.

Among them was my favorite Yamaboshi, which blooms all over the tree in pure white flowers in early summer.

We planted many seedlings for breeding in the field, and the seedlings grew and were planted near the current farm.

The white and pink flowers are now in full bloom.


I would like to realize my dream of planting more trees along the road and creating a literal "Yamaboushi Highway."

Due to various regulations, we are only halfway through realizing our dreams.

The wheat field on the premises has also begun to produce ears of wheat.

In fact, last year's sowing was delayed and I was very worried, but I'm really relieved that my fears turned out to be unfounded.

I am grateful for the power of nature.


Shizu Hashimoto

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