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Farm Department Recommended Dressing

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It's a hot spring again this year! This is Miura from the farm department.

The weather has been so nice for a while now that the vegetables are parched and the flowers are parched, so I've been busy pouring water on them every day.
Have you lost your appetite because of the hot days?

Thanks to the company bento box, I eat a lot. What goes best with side dishes of meat and vegetables?"Sesame dressing"is. The good thing about this dressing is that it goes well with meat as well as vegetables. The light red meat with the richness of sesame is the best. At this time of year, we definitely recommend cold shabu!

We also received happy comments from customers who don't like vegetables, saying, ``With sesame dressing, you can eat vegetables too.''

Get through this summer with sesame dressing!

Farm Department Naoki Miura

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