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Spring love has ended

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The Koikatsu event held on May 30th was a beautiful day and many people participated.
This time it is divided into two parts by age.

The first part for people in their 40s and up is a sweets buffet at the trial class studio.
The second part for those in their 30s and up was Yakiniku at Niji no Oka Barbecue House.

Although everyone was nervous, they enjoyed eating and talking with each other.
Did you all make a good appeal during the 90 second appeal time?
During the confession time, everyone was nervous, but the first person to raise their hand was amazing.
There was a lot of excitement, with people saying, "Wait a minute!"

This time, it's confession time.

Six couples were formed.

Good luck to all the couples.

Poultry Farming Department Keijiro Omote

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