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Colorful spinach beautiful skin! !

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hello everyone.

At Restaurant Tills, we are preparing this year with the desire to introduce more herbs in addition to delicious meat and vegetables.

For the salad, fennel (regulating gastrointestinal function), arugula (sesame-like flavor), chicory, etc. are served together with lettuce.

One of the herbs today
I would like to introduce Swiss chard.

Because it belongs to the Chenopodiaceae family, which is the same as spinach, the leaves look like spinach, and the leaf axis comes in red, yellow, pink, yellow-green, and white, making it very colorful.
When I sauteed it and ate it, the leaf axis was crunchy and had a good texture. It didn't change color even after a long time. But very easy to eat and delicious!

It also contains natural pigments that remove active oxygen that causes spots, wrinkles, and gray hair, and prevents skin aging.

If you haven't eaten it yet, or if you want to try it, you can enjoy it at the buffet, so please come and visit us.

Tills Kazue Iwabuchi

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