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Introduction of Restaurant Tills

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Hello everyone.

Blessed with fine weather every day, preparations for the opening are proceeding steadily and quietly.

5 days left until the opening, we would like to introduce a little bit of the new restaurant Tills.

The number of seats in the restaurant is 100, compared to before.

We are increasing so that more customers can dine.

Among them, the seats where you can eat while facing the scenery in the ranch

It is one of the recommendations!

And one more, we have prepared a private room as a new guest room.

It is a room where you can relax comfortably with a table and chairs in calm colors.

From the window of the guest room, the scenery inside the ranch spreads out,

It is an indescribably luxurious space.

I will introduce a picture of a scenery like a picture.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Chie Takahashi/

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