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It's still cold in the morning and evening these days, but you don't need a jacket during the day,

It's becoming a day that is easy to spend even with thin things.

Ark Tategamori is also in bloom, and the cherry blossoms are also starting to bloom.

From now on, all kinds of flowers will start to bloom, so I'm excited.

In the midst of such excitement, the renewal opening is about to begin,

The purchase method for admission when you visit will change.

Until now, you have paid the entrance fee at the first toll gate,

In the future, at the farm entrance (former plant shop) and at the ticket vending machine

Ticket will be issued.

Take a walk through the garden from the farm entrance and take a tour bus to see the scenery inside

I think you can enjoy it slowly.

Until now, when I was traveling by car, the driver was so focused on driving that I couldn't take my time.

I think that there are times, but from now on, I will take a tour bus inside the venue, and family and friends

I hope you all enjoy it.

Marketing Department Yoshie Iwabuchi

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