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It is here that you can eat soft cream!

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Hello everyone!

GW is here, and many people are going away this year, aren't they?

I'm sure some people will visit ARK Tategamori, which has just reopened after its grand renovation!

At ARK Tategamori, due to the renovation, the building of Welcome House Kinomi no longer exists.Farm market and building togetherbecame.

Farm market front left sideis the fruit of the tree.

Kinomi products are sold outside the store and cannot be purchased inside the store, so be careful!

In the nuts during GW,

Vanilla soft ice cream cup ¥ 450

Vanilla soft cream cone ¥500

Butaman ¥500 (finished when sold out)

Organic herbal tea (HOT/ICE) ¥300

Organic coffee (HOT/ICE) ¥450

etc. are being sold.

The Welcome House building is gone, but Kinomi is still doing well, so we are looking forward to your visit (^O^)

Manufacturing and Sales Department Sayaka Ito

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