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The fragrant wind garden is colorful with flowers from spring to early summer

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Yesterday, the temperature in Tategamori only rose by 10 degrees Celsius, but today the sunshine is very pleasant and makes me feel calm.

In the fragrant wind garden, flowers bloom from spring to early summer.

Borage White

Originally, blue flowers are famous, but neat white flowers are also very beautiful.

crimson clover/strawberry candle

A member of the clover family, the flowers are bright red and look like lit candles.

It blooms every year with spilled seeds and makes the garden gorgeous.

Thyme Longikauris

It is a close relative of Thymus japonicus and crawls on the ground.

This sweet-smelling flower is a nectar plant, and many bees come to collect nectar.


It is a perennial plant of the Boraginaceae native to Europe, and when added to compost in the middle of maturing, it becomes a good quality fertilizer, making it a great herb for making compost.

Etc. Many flowers are blooming.

This year, due to the high temperature in April, the flowering season of various flowers is crazy.

I can't read at all that the flowers of early spring are blooming now, and the flowers of early summer are starting to bloom.

So you can enjoy a lot of flowers.

Katsue Oikawa, Agricultural Department

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