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Started handling ARK products. Introducing the natural food store.

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Hello, this is Kurakata from the Tokyo sales office.

Today, we would like to introduce a new business partner, "Sun Smile," who has started handling ARK's products!

A 9-minute walk from Fujimino Station on the Tobu Tojo Line. 
This store handles about 2,500 items such as natural foods, cosmetics, soaps, books, miscellaneous goods, fair trade products, and alcoholic beverages.

In fact, ARK and Sun Smile have a long relationship through activities that connect consumers and producers through learning about food called "Food School".

Mr. Matsuura, the representative of Sun Smile, has traveled overseas and is working to spread natural foods on a large scale beyond Japan.

The store is full of carefully selected ingredients, and it's a lot of fun to choose the products!

Every month on HP, a booklet for customers called Sun Smile Communication is published. The content is very rich and you can deepen your learning about natural foods, so I highly recommend it to those who are interested! !

Please stop by when you are in the area.

sun smile

1-15-27 Naema, Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture 356-0052

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