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Online Shop Popular Products ~Bon Festival Edition~

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Iwate is also hot this summer! hot! !

I always thought it was short, but

As someone who was born in a northern country, the short summer was just right for me...

I finally realized that.

How are you all spending your time these days, as I wonder if autumn will come soon? (lol)

Today we would like to introduce you to some of the most recent popular products from our online shop.

The first one is spare ribs!

After all, it is indispensable for BBQ! ?

We received a lot of orders just before Obon.

There were many orders in 1kg units, so I was imagining how excited everyone would be as I packed them 😊

The second one is old egg pudding!

We have resumed sales at our online shop ✨

Many customers have been looking forward to the resumption of sales.

We are flooded with orders!

It has a smooth texture and is not too sweet, so it's very delicious and I love it!

Our online shop sells not only gift sets but also individual items.

Please take a look ♪♪

Click here for online shop⇒

Marketing Department Utako Watanabe

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