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During the Obon period (customer's voice)

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Hello everyone!

This is Taiki Kimura from the Manufacturing and Sales Department.

I am currently training as a butcher, and during the Obon period, I was able to receive happy words from customers!

I would like to introduce a few points.

“Ark Tategamori's meat has just the right balance of fat, and it's savory, soft, and very delicious. 』

``Horumon has no taste and is easy to eat, especially miso horumon, which is a favorite of my family! It's delicious! 』

``I ate 4 types of meat for shabu-shabu this time, and they were all delicious! It was so soft that even a 3 year old could eat it! I am very happy to have received various comments such as “!

We will continue to do our best to produce meat that our customers will be satisfied with and enjoy.

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