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Speaking of summer…

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Hello! This is Kurakata from the Tokyo office.

It's a hot summer, isn't it? The cicadas are still doing well.
These days, even if I think I need to eat something, my appetite goes down...

However, when I visit our business partners, I see so many noodles lined up that I can't help but want to eat them.

Speaking of summer, it's hiyashi chuka!

Although we do not produce noodles, we have plenty of toppings available! !

for example,
・Old-fashioned eggs → Make thinly-baked eggs and cut them into strips
・Old-fashioned hot spring egg → Top it as it is
・Roast ham → thinly sliced
・Yaki pork → Shredded
・Your favorite summer vegetables → Available at farm markets and regular delivery!

How about that?
Healthy hiyashi chuka made with additive-free produce.
Please try it!

… I came up with something good while writing a blog.
If you use old eggs and flour from the farm, you can make Chinese noodles...! ?

I wonder if someday we can have 100% Ark Tategamori hiyashi chuka! It's perfect for the summer menu.
I'm looking forward to it♪
sales department
Tokyo Sales Office Mai Kurakata

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