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Heat protection for pigs

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My name is Hakusui and I take care of the pigs at Fujisawa Farm.

This summer has been one of the hottest on record, and piggeries and pigs are battling the heat.

Pigs in a piggery, especially sows, are sensitive to heat, so heat protection is necessary.

One thing that I am especially careful about is staying hydrated.

Pigs do not sweat, so they regulate their body temperature by breathing quickly to get rid of hot air, and by drinking a lot of water and excreting urine.

At Fujisawa Farm, we give water to the children after every meal every day.
By soaking the powdered food with water, it will eat well and it will also lead to hydration.

If the mother pig is not kept hydrated, her physical condition may suddenly deteriorate, so I especially make sure to give the piglets that look unwell enough to drink water.

For humans, frequent hydration is effective in preventing heatstroke, so let's survive this summer by drinking water and eating delicious pork.

Fujisawa Farm Farrowing House Responsible Ayumi Shiramizu

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