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What is a hogget?

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"Hogget" is not a very familiar word.

This is the name of the category that appears when classifying mutton.

I think many people have heard of "Rum". This is meat from lamb that is less than a year old.

If you like Genghis Khan, you've probably heard of "mutton." This refers to mutton that is two years old or older.

So what about “Hogget”? Those with keen senses have noticed! This is a term between lamb and mutton that refers to mutton that is more than one year old but less than two years old.

However, this may not be the case depending on the country or region.

In reality, there are three classifications, which can easily cause confusion in distribution; for example, in the United States, hogget is treated the same as mutton. Even in New Zealand and Australia, where hoggets are commonly distributed, the term "hoggets" is not used for export.
Since 98% of the mutton distributed in Japan is imported from New Zealand and Australia, the name "hogget" may not have caught on in Japan.

Due to these circumstances, it is rare to encounter a hogget in Japan.

By the way, how does hogget meat taste? I think so.

Since this is between lamb and mutton, my personal opinion is that it has a good balance between the softness that is the strength of lamb and the flavor and depth of mutton that is the strength of mutton.

Well, we at Ark Tategamori are producing that rare hogget!

Please visit our online shop for details.

*The quantity is limited, so if you do not have it, please contact us from here.

In Japan, only about 0.6% of domestically produced mutton is distributed. When it comes to hogget meat, it becomes even more rare!

Please enjoy our delicious and precious mutton.

Agriculture and Livestock Department Takumi Makino

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