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The change of seasons, the night when autumn insects chirp and the pigs

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hello everyone!

I'm Ohara, in charge of mother pigs at Hanaizumi Farm, Pig Farming Division.

It's been a hot summer with no rain, and both my mother pigs and I are exhausted.

In fact, in such heat, the pigs lose their appetite.

We control the amount of food given to each pig so that they do not gain too much weight, but are still able to eat as much as they need to raise the piglets in their bellies.

Both my pigs and I stay slim in the summer. (Every year, Ohara loses his appetite and loses weight due to summer fatigue.)

The end of summer is approaching. If you listen closely at night, you can hear autumn insects starting to chirp.

When the seasons change, both pigs and humans are more susceptible to catching colds.

There are some pigs who cough if you leave the air conditioner or fan on...

Make sure that you and the pigs don't get sick!

And I want to meet energetic piglets.

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