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Even in Okayama, pork from Ark Tategamori is available.

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It's September, but the extremely hot days are still continuing. Are you feeling tired during the summer?

Now, Ark Tategamori's branded pork "Tategamori Plateau Pork Noah" is now available at the Tenmaya store in Okayama Prefecture.

Currently, sales are limited to once a month. The first delivery was delivered to the store on August 3rd (Thursday), and sales took place from August 4th (Friday) to August 6th (Sunday).

This product is only available at the following 9 stores.

<Stores that carry “Tategamori Plateau Buta Noah”>

① Tenmaya Happy Town Haraojima store
② Tenmaya Ap's Ario Kurashiki store
③ Tenmaya Happy Town Okaminami store
④ Tenmaya Happy's Maruyama store
⑤ Tenmaya Happy Town Rib Soja store
⑥ Tenmaya Happy Town Okakita store
⑦ Tenmaya Happy Town Port Plaza store
⑧ Tenmaya Happy's Izumida store
⑨ Tenmaya Happys Kokufu Market Store

Next time, the store will be delivered on Thursday, September 14th.Sale from 9/15 (Fri) to 17 (Sun). It will end as soon as it runs out.

Please look forward to it.

Everyone in the Chugoku region, please try it at least once.

Ranch Division Sales Department Kazuto Matsuura

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