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New release★Sausage steak [pork tongue]

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Hello everyone. This is Nakamura from Ark Tategamori Farm Office.

Well, this time we have good news for everyone who is coming to Ark Tategamori!

“Sausage Steak [Pork Tongue]” is a fantastic dish for me.

As we have been receiving many orders from customers mainly from department stores and supermarkets,

Because we were unable to secure product inventory to sell at Ark Tategamori Farm Market,

Although it was very popular, it was an extremely valuable product that could not be purchased at the local Ark Tategamori.

However, this super popular product "Sausage Steak [Pork Tongue]" is finally on sale at Ark Tategamori Farm Market from September 8th (Friday)! !

I lightly fried it in a frying pan and tried it, and all I could say was, "It's delicious!"

Although it is a steak, the sausage has a juicy texture with plenty of pork tongue, and has just the right amount of saltiness.

It goes perfectly with cold beer, and I ended up drinking too much, and I'm sure I'll have a hangover tomorrow (=_=)


But happy♪(voice of the heart)


You can buy it anytime at the Ark Tategamori Farm Market, so please try the popular "Sausage Steak [Pork Tongue]" that is easy to prepare and delicious at home!

Ark Tategamori Farm Office Tatsuya Nakamura

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