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Things to be careful about in terms of epidemic prevention. What you are trying to do.

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Thank you to everyone for your hard work during the late summer heat!

My name is Haga and I belong to the shipping team.


I mainly transport pigs from each farm to the slaughterhouse from Sunday to Friday.

In recent years, swine fever has been raging throughout Japan.

In farms where animals infected with swine fever occur, all the pigs being raised will be culled.

For this reason, our shipping team takes precautions to avoid bringing germs back to our farm.

When washing a car at each slaughterhouse, make sure to wash the entire vehicle with detergent each time.

We are working on epidemic prevention measures based on breeding hygiene management standards (*).


*) Feeding hygiene management standards (partial excerpt)
(1) Thorough disinfection of vehicles, objects, and around livestock barns
(2) Thoroughly prevent pathogens from being brought into hygiene-controlled areas by replacing and disinfecting boots and clothing


Since the vehicle is a large truck weighing about 10 tons, it takes about 4 hours to wash the car.

Regardless of the summer heat or winter cold, we are doing our best to wash cars as part of our ongoing epidemic prevention measures!


By the way, I will be driving a new large truck (new!) that was just delivered last month.

From now on, we will keep in mind to maintain and continue the clean condition when the new car was delivered.

We would like to safely transport the pigs that have been raised with great care by the people at each farm!

Shipping Team Yutaka Haga

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