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Red deer in autumn are impressive!

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Although the days are still hot, the season is already autumn.

The breeding season for red deer has arrived.

Before I knew it, the cute velvet horns covered with fluffy hair turned into sharp, dead horns.

Horns covered with fluffy fur in summer
Approach the boss! That's a great corner!

It is no exaggeration to say that a male's strength is determined by the size of his horns and body size, so young males with small horns are inevitably defeated.

When the boss moves, everyone runs away.

The boss seems to be in good health this year as well, intimidating the young males with his overwhelming presence.

A thick neck is also a characteristic of strong males.

Until summer, they were happily feeding together, but from now on, the boss battle becomes even more intense, and the young males are chased away just by trying to get close to the herd.

Males make their presence known only by their horns.

Where is it hiding?

The call of the boss when he chases away young males that approach the herd can only be heard during this season.

Please feel free to ask around at the farm.

Department of Agriculture and Stock Animal Management

Sugawara Ayumi

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