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It will start in earnest soon! Pork bun manufacturing

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Many people say that their impression of this summer is, "It was the hottest summer ever."
“Piping Butaman” is sold more than usual in stores, online,
We have received many orders from various corporations.
In fact, this product is ``one by one handmade''.

I'm not happy, but why eat pork buns when it's hot?
Honestly, I feel strange.

Meanwhile, the season is already autumn.

Full-scale pork bun production begins.
This year, after maternity leave, I am relieved that my absolute ace is back.

Production volume peaks from November to February of the following year.
This year as well, we are grateful for each and every precious raw material.
We create our food with all our heart so that our customers can enjoy it deliciously.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Kenichi Hashinuma

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