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Versatile ✨ Onion dressing

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The coolness of the morning and evening,

These days, I can feel the autumn coming from the sounds of bell insects and crickets...

How are you all doing?

ToDay"Tategamori Kogen Onion DressingI would like to introduce ♪

Tategamori Kogen Onion Dressing"teeth,

We use onions grown on farms without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

With a refreshing taste rich in onion flavor,

This dressing goes well with both Japanese and Western food.

When we think of dressing, we tend to think of it as something to put on salads (vegetables).

It goes very well with Tategamori Kogen pork shabu-shabu!!

You can fully enjoy both the flavor of the onions and the deliciousness of the meat.

It's refreshing and you can use your chopsticks more and more (´~`)

Please try it☆

↓↓↓ 『Tategamori Kogen Onion DressingClick here to purchase ↓↓↓

marketing department

Miwako Iwabuchi*(o^―^o)*

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