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Ark Tategamori's new symbol facility "Farm Entrance"

At the entrance of the ranch, a bright and open facility "Farm Entrance" that uses a lot of glass has appeared. Until now2At the facility that plays the role of the entrance and ticket sales of the ranch, which was divided into two,ArkWe welcome visitors as a new face of Tategamori.

At the "Farm Entrance", there is a plant shop that sells flower seedlings and garden miscellaneous goods.1992We have changed our name to "Herb & Plant Shop" with the idea that we have been proposing a life with herbs since we opened in 2018. In the "experience studio" inside the shop, we will hold a wide range of hands-on workshops where you can come into contact with plants and soil, such as herb and flower group planting classes and miniature garden classes that are popular with children.

"Farm Market" Aiming to Be the World's Best Pork Specialty Store

variousArk"Farm Market" that sells products produced in Tategamori. The sales floor area expanded and3With a corner centered on "Book Pillars" and a wide selection of products, you can enjoy more fulfilling shopping than ever before.

No.1Pillar: Meat Corner

We handle "Tategamori Kogen Pork", which is produced in-house, and aim to be the world's best pork specialty store. We have newly established a face-to-face sales corner, and are pursuing freshness and deliciousness, centering on order cuts according to customer's eating style and requests.

No.2Pillar: Bakery Corner

Farm-grown organicJASWe use certified wheat and manufacture without additives while sticking to raw materials. The facility has been renewed so that you can see the food being cooked. We will start selling sandwiches using vegetables produced in-house without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and additive-free hams and sausages.

No.3Pillar: Ranch-grown vegetables, Tategamori Kogen "Old-fashioned egg" corner

There is also a corner selling farm-grown vegetables that do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and free-range fertilized eggs “Tategamori Kogen Mukashi Tamago”. We provide safe and secure products with high freshness.

The organic restaurant “Natural Food Restaurant Tills” has also been renewed.

"Natural Food Restaurant Tills" is a restaurant that offers buffet-style dishes using products from the farm.100It can be used for group reservations and farm wedding receptions by increasing the number of seats.

In addition, the attached "BBQOn the terrace, you can enjoy charcoal-grilled Tategamori Kogen Pork in an open space. We also have meat on the bone and fresh hormones, etc., and our integrated productionArkYou can enjoy a food experience unique to Tategamori.

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