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Scenery of "vegetable field (onion field)"

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The "Vegetable Field" seen from the road leading to "Sheep Farm" from "Talkative Straight Road" or from the bus stop of "Sheep Farm". In the large vegetable field of about 0.8 hectares on the ranch, this year we are planting three types of vegetables in order, in addition to onions, potatoes and pumpkins.

To acquire organic JAS certification, we do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and grow vegetables using our own organic fertilizer "Megumi Tsuchi no Megumi". Seedlings growing in the sunlight and leaves swaying in the wind give the viewer a warm feeling. In addition, the wild harvest using a large tractor and the planting work with a large number of people are impressive! Information on the harvest and planting work schedule for the "vegetable field" will be posted on the official Twitter/Instagram account. looking forward to. See below for this year's plantings.

[Planting this year: 5 kinds of onions]

Onions are 10,000 extremely early maturing “Top Gold”, 10,000 each of early maturing “Sonic” and “Purple Onion”, 30,000 medium maturing “OP yellow”, and 10,000 late maturing “Momiji” 5 We grow about 70,000 varieties. The onions that were planted at the end of October last year, diligently weeded, and raised with great care have been harvested at the right time since early May.

[Planting this year: 5 types of potatoes]

The potatoes we prepared this year are 5 types: "Kitaakari", "May Queen", and "Danshaku", which are standard varieties, as well as "Northern Ruby" and "Shadow Queen", which have beautiful skin and inner color. Seed potatoes are first planted in mid-March, thinned out, and harvested in July while diligently weeding.

[Planting this year: edible pumpkins and toy pumpkins]

In the field (field) where the onions have been dug up, we will plant 4 kinds of edible pumpkins this year, as well as toy pumpkins for the autumn farm event "Harvest Festival". Especially this year, we aim to grow extra-large pumpkins for Halloween. Aim for over 100kg!!

You can enjoy the vegetables that are not using pesticides and chemical fertilizers that our staff introduced above are available at "Natural Food Restaurant Tills". You can also buy it at the "farm market".

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