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Let's go to "Imagination Square"!

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We will introduce a new "healing" spot in Ark Tategamori.

Its name is "Stone Circle"
Next to Wanpaku Square, surrounded by Japanese cornel trees, a group of megaliths stands quietly.
These "stones" were originally placed in the garden of "Fujisawa Farm", the hometown of Tategamori Kogen Pork.

The founding president of Ark Co., Ltd. wished to make the pig farm, which had tended to be closed since then, "a charming and open pig farm", and built a garden in the pig farm so that visitors could enjoy it. I was. The garden was decorated with trees and flowers, and large garden stones were also placed. That was over 35 years ago.

With the passage of time, the environment surrounding pig farms has changed, and from the perspective of epidemic prevention, it is no longer a situation where customers can easily visit. We wanted to make it possible for customers to enjoy the garden stones of the pig farm that are placed out of sight, so we brought large “stones” to Ark Tategamori and created a megalithic garden “Imaginary Square”. I was.

The diameter of the stone circle in the imaginary plaza is about 50 meters, approaching the size of Japan's largest stone circle.

There are a total of 52 stones in the stone circle. Each "stone" has its own unique "color" and "shape", and if you take a closer look at each one, you will find them all interesting, and the viewer will not get bored.

Why don't you find your favorite "stone" and spend a relaxing time in the "Imagination Square" to refresh yourself?

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