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[Ecole Tategamori] Part of the next Tategamori Gottsuo lunch will be released Part II

Ecole Tategamori
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■Tategamori Gottsuo Lunch

We will be releasing a portion of the next Tategamori Gottsuo lunch. This time, it is Tategamori Kogen Hotel.

[Tategamori Kogen Hotel]

Lunch name: “Hotel Gottsuo Bento”

We have packed many of the hotel's elegant Western-style menus into a single bento box, focusing on the dishes served at Tategamori Kogen Hotel and local ingredients. We want runners running through the Tategamori Kogen area in the cold winter to enjoy delicious local Gottsuo! This is truly a treasure box of the Tategamori Highlands, filled with the chef's thoughts.

Next time, we will be revealing Tategamori Gottsuo Lunch at Iwate Safari Park. We look forward to seeing you.

Ecole Tategamori Secretariat

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