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Can I still eat soft serve ice cream in winter?

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It snowed in Ichinoseki too. Ark Tategamori is a pure white silver world.

Speaking of white, soft serve ice cream! Having said that, Ark Tategamori's soft serve ice cream is

Because it is made using fertilized eggs from farms called ``Mukatsu Tamago,'' it has a slightly yellowish color.

"Can I still eat soft serve ice cream in winter?"

Thank you very much for listening to me.

No matter how snowy or how cold it is, we have soft serve ice cream!

Welcome Shop Kinomi is always welcome.

It's also good to enjoy it in a warm car,

Chairs and tables are available at the farm market.

We have created a space where you can sit and enjoy your meal.

Please feel free to use it when you visit.

The soft serve ice cream currently on sale is...♪

"Vanilla soft serve ice cream"

 …Luxurious use of “old eggs” from the farm,

  with vanilla beansRich, additive-free soft serve ice cream.

The additive-free corn is baked one by one to give it a crispy texture.

The corn is so delicious that you can eat it all by itself.

"Limited time apple sauce soft serve ice cream"

…Using two types of local apples from Fujisawa-cho, Ichinoseki City.

A sauce that takes advantage of the sweetness, sourness, and aroma of apples,

It goes perfectly with the rich vanilla soft serve ice cream.

The apple skin is also finely boiled, leaving a crispy texture.

Finished in a natural light pink color.

At Welcome Shop Kinomi, in addition to soft serve ice cream,

Tategamori Kogen Pork Handmade Sausage ``Mini Grilled Sausage''

``Organic Herbal Tea'', an original blend that changes daily with a soothing aroma

We also offer ``organic coffee,'' which is popular among coffee lovers.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Akemi Chiba

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