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Spring is coming to Ark Tategamori! The ranch area will finally open from March 16th (Saturday)! “Easter & Flower Festival 2024” event will also be held!

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The ranch area will start operating in the spring of 2024 on March 16th (Saturday)!

This year, we will hold the "Easter & Flower Festival 2024" event in conjunction with the start of business.

Speaking of Easter, the Easter festival, the main character is the egg, which is a symbol of resurrection. It's a fun festival where you decorate eggs, make and decorate Easter eggs, enjoy colorful dishes made with spring vegetables, and have parties with family and friends. Ark Tategamori is planning an event featuring free-range fertilized eggs called ``Mukatsu Tamago.''

[Natural food restaurant Till's: Easter limited menu available]

In addition to the familiar "Old Egg Jumbo Omelette," there are many colorful Easter-only menus such as "Old Egg Salad," Western chawanmushi "Old Egg Flan," and "Old Egg French Toast." Masu.

[Activities on the farm]

“Tamago Hiroi” will resume on March 30th (Saturday) and will be held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

"Egg Hunt Rally" is an activity where you enter the paid area of the farm, search for stamps based on hints, and put stamps on the "Egg Hunt Rally Mount". The stamp locations are marked by Easter eggs, and if you find them all, you can win wonderful prizes.

In addition to Easter decorations appearing in the "Scented Wind Garden," there will also be many Easter limited-time events at the Farm Market and Welcome Shop Kinomi, so stay tuned!

In March, the witch hazel and Japanese witch hazel begin to bloom, and in mid-March, when the farm reopens, the bubbly yellow flowers of the cornelian cornflower begin to bloom, heralding the arrival of spring. And April is finally the season for 250,000 tulips. Please come to “Easter & Flower Festival 2024” with your family and friends!

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Hiroshi Yabe, Agricultural Department

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