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Ark Tategamori “Easter & Flower Festival” Spring 2024

Ark Tategamori 『イースター & フラワーフェスティバル』Spring 2024

Overview of the event

2024/03/16 (Sat) ~ 2024/05/31 (Fri)

Event details

Spring has arrived in Tategamori! ! The ranch area will open on Saturday, March 16th! “Easter & Flower Festival” Spring 2024 event will be held from Saturday, March 16th to Sunday, May 31st!

The mornings and evenings in Tategamori are still cold, but the sunlight is warm like spring.
The plants that have been waiting for spring are finally starting to bud and bloom.

Rejoice in the arrival of this spring,Easter & Flower Festival” Spring 2024 will be held.
During the period, in honor of Easter,Egg” event and lots of flowers.

Let's celebrate spring together!

The event is ↓↓


No registration is required for this event.

About Ark Tategamori
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About us

In order to deliver health and the joy of eating, and to connect the future of agriculture to the next generation, we continue to take on challenges here in Tategamori with the same passion that we have had since our founding.

our efforts

Raise, create, deliver, and circulate. A feature of Ark Tategamori is that we consistently carry out all food-related initiatives in-house.

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We only make food that our beloved family can eat with peace of mind. We deliver products that are filled with our passion for a healthy and smiling life.