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Traditional egg production system

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Hello everyone.
Today, I would like to talk about the production system of old eggs.
At Ark Tategamori, we value pasturage breeding because we want to raise and produce animals in the way they should be.
After searching for the most suitable chicken breed for grazing, we ended up with Nera, a black chicken native to the Netherlands.
It is said to have excellent robustness and produce the most beautiful eggs in the world.
However, we have decided to switch to a new chicken breed "Okazaki Ouhan".
The reason is for the stable production and stable supply of mukashi-tamago.
Currently, highly pathogenic avian influenza is raging in Japan, but if you look overseas, there are major epidemics every year in Europe and North America. Once an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza occurs, live chickens cannot be moved out of the country until cleanup is confirmed. Our Nera imports breeding chickens from Holland and France into Japan, and then arrives at Ark Tategamori via hatchery and brooder. Therefore, if highly pathogenic avian influenza occurs in a country with Nella breeding chickens, it will be difficult to maintain the production system of mukashitamago.
Okazaki Ouhan is a chicken developed in Japan, and the production system for breeding chickens can be done entirely in Japan. The production system is stable because it is less likely to be affected by overseas circumstances.
Another big reason why we chose Okazaki Ohan is that the combination of chicken breed development is very close to Nera. The male line is Macular Plymouth Rock, and the female line is Rhode Island Red. It seems to be suitable for grazing because it has a solid physique like Nera.

(Okazaki rice that arrived in February, but is not pastured yet due to the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Japan)

The chicken species will change, but there will be no change in the breeding style or feed.
We will continue to strive to produce delicious old-fashioned eggs, so we appreciate your continued patronage.

Agricultural Department Takumi Makino

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