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Toward the third year of organic restaurant certification

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hello everyone

Natural food restaurant Tills was certified as an organic restaurant in September 2020.
Two years will pass soon.
Today, we are undergoing an annual audit from the certification body for the third year of certification.
(Ark Farm seems to be the only one in the Tohoku region that has received certification.)

Most of the dishes are produced on the ranch, but today we will talk about organic dishes.
We will introduce two recommended items.

The first is an organic penne salad.
Together with farm-grown vegetables, it is served with a curry flavor that is perfect for summer.
The second is the organic tofu steak
A gem of tomato sauce made from farm-grown vegetables.

In addition to this, there are many summer vegetables grown on farms that do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
Today we have grilled eggplant with cheese and herb sautéed farm vegetables.

We are waiting for you to visit us.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Shuji Terui


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