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The words we receive from our customers are our daily encouragement.

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Hello, this is Kurakata from the Tokyo sales office.

In July, we started stocking boxes of ice cream in preparation for summer.
I can't stop eating ice cream after work...!

Well, in Tokyo where the heat is severe, the number of people in the daytime has decreased considerably.
It seems that customers who come to shop come to the store first thing in the morning and then in the evening when the sun goes down.

I often visit during the day for business negotiations, so when I meet with the person in charge,
"You came today in the heat! Don't get sick!"
Please encourage me (laughs).

Three months have passed since I was assigned to the sales department.

"Recently, kakuni has been selling well, so I'm glad I introduced it. Thank you."
“A customer asked me when the next Tategamori Kogen pork will be available! I want to do another fair next time!”

And so on, I'm now able to say happy words.

This is the sales floor at the fair. The 50th anniversary campaign is still ongoing!

The products that our employees put their hearts into are delivered to our customers! !
And to our customers. Thank you for always loving our products!

Let's get through the hot summer by eating ARK's products and working hard!

Mai Kurakata, Tokyo Sales Office

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