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Workshop of wheat straw was held

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A barley straw workshop was held yesterday and today at Tategamori Ark Ranch.

Over the past few years, ARK Ranch has produced barley straws using the stalks of organic wheat grown in-house as a measure to reduce plastic use, and has been using them at restaurant Tills and the BBQ terrace of the farm market.

Since last year, a workshop has been held to make wheat straws, and this will be the second year it has been held.

The weather was moderately good today, and the participants first harvested the wheat that will be used to make straws in the wheat field.

After that, we returned to the room, sorted out the best straws, cut them to appropriate lengths, and sterilized them by boiling.
In addition, barley tea was made using farm-grown wheat so that participants could taste the tea using straws they made themselves.

I think the taste of the barley tea that we drank with our own barley straws was exceptional.

Tategamori Ark Farm plans to hold more workshops like this next year, so if you are interested, please join us.

Agricultural Department
Makoto Chiba

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