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The temperature has suddenly risen, and the flower season has finally come to the ranch.

The flowers of Mansaku, which bloomed first, endured the cold wind and kept blooming for a long time.

Until recently, it was known as "Autumn Coral" with bright red fruits, but it is early.

Not only outside, but also in the plant shop, spring flowers have started to line up since last month, and it's truly a multitude of flowers. (a little exaggerated)
Today, a plant gathering class was held using those flowers.

I would like to introduce some of my works.

The works of those who are not beginners already have a high degree of perfection and a unique color balance.

Due to lack of time, some works were not completed, but it was beautiful in its own way, and the teachers had a great time.

In the coming season, there are many flowers that can only be purchased here, so please look forward to it.

If you love flowers, why not try Plants Gathering?

Mrs. Plants Gathering at Ark Ranch


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