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Researching mutton production

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Speaking of ARK Ranch, pork! I think you have an image of that.
Since our founding, we have consistently challenged ourselves to make delicious pork.
We are currently working on applying that thought and experience to mutton production as well.

Freely graze in the vast mountains, eat original home-grown compound feed made from grains grown in-house and locally, excrement made into fertilizer and spread on the farmland, where the grains used as feed ingredients are produced again. We are promoting recycling agriculture called production.
There are still many things I don't know about mutton production, and I think that there will be various problems, but I would like to overcome them one by one and support sheep so that they can demonstrate their natural power.

When you think of mutton dishes, you think of Genghis Khan, lamb chops, and lamb curry.
It's a familiar ingredient now, but most of it is imported meat from foreign countries.
In fact, the share of domestically produced mutton is less than 1%, and it is extremely difficult to obtain fresh mutton.

We are researching to deliver fresh and delicious mutton to everyone.
Please wait for a while until we can unveil it.

Agricultural Department Takumi Makino

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