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Send your thoughts to the sunflowers on the ranch...

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It was a very cold morning at Ark Ranch today, and some roads were frozen. Please be careful when coming to the farm❕

Sunflowers are currently in full bloom at Yumemigaoka Garden.
Why now? ? ? I think there are some people who think so.

There are many reasons...

Anyway, it was a new discovery for the farm management team in the sense that it was still blooming beautifully.

Now, as for the meaning of this blog title, I think some people may be intrigued by the words "winter sunflowers."

There is a song by an artist called ZARD called ``New Door ~Winter Himawari'' that I sometimes listen to.
When I looked it up, it turns out that the phrase "winter sunflowers" is a figurative expression and doesn't mean sunflowers that bloom in the winter, but I've listened to the song before and now that I've had sunflowers bloom in the winter, it feels very familiar to me. Ta.

By the way, if you hear music next to a sunflower, it's probably me (bitter smile).

The sunflowers will soon be over and we are planning to plant tulip bulbs, so if you want to see them, please come early.

Four seasonal cherry blossoms blooming near sunflowers.

Agricultural Department
Makoto Chiba

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