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An event will be held at Takashimaya Osaka

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How hot was it a month ago? .
The mornings and evenings were quite cool, and this morning I even felt a little cold.
Hello, this is Oka from the West Japan Office.

I have a day off today.
I often run in the mornings on my days off.
I'm running at about the same time, choosing the shadows of buildings and trees, but I can feel the shadows getting longer.
The height of the sun is gradually becoming lower.
I have a constitution that easily absorbs ultraviolet rays, so even if I take precautions, I feel like my sunburn is a little strong.
During the course, you will pass through rice fields, where the ears of rice are ripening and give the impression that they are about to be harvested.
The persimmons are starting to change color and the autumn colors are starting to spread.

This year has been at the mercy of the new coronavirus, but we have taken various measures.
The world is starting to move.
Events have also started to take place. The West Japan Sales Office will also hold an event featuring the Takashimaya Osaka store's 100 selections of flavors.
We carry Tategamori Plateau pork, ham and sausage, delicatessen products, old eggs, mayonnaise, and more.
Please come and visit us!

Location: Takashimaya Osaka store basement 1st floor 100 flavors corner
Date and time: October 21st (Wednesday) to 27th (Tuesday), 2020

I am a little dark-skinned and will be waiting for you.

West Japan Sales Office Hirotaka Oka

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