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Like a cock

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Hello, this is Kato from the Agricultural Department.

This time we will talk about why chickens crow.

I think everyone knows that the rooster crows in the morning.
It is said that chickens have been used as clocks since the time of the Indus Valley Civilization (2600-1800 B.C.), and are even included in a poem by Sei Shonagon.
This is a well-known property all over the world.
It is said that the light that enters the chickens' eyes stimulates their hormones, causing them to crow in the morning.
Hormones are hormones but not yakiniku.

Also, chickens have a strict vertical society, and the one who crows first is the strongest one in the group.
When a strong male starts calling, a second and third call will follow. Also, if only females are kept in the same place, they will peck each other.
It seems that many individuals die, but if you introduce a male, they almost never socialize with each other.
It seems that there is a controlling and controlling effect on the rooster's crowing.

The sound of a rooster, not a crane! !

Kazuki Kato, Agricultural Department

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