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It's pumpkin time!

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Hello everyone!

It's already been three days since October started. October means Halloween!
Halloween is all about pumpkins!

This year's farm-grown pumpkins are in abundance ☆

In addition to regular-shaped pumpkins, we also harvested a lot of unusual-shaped pumpkins called butternut pumpkins.
If you are interested, go to the farm market! It's hard to find them in stores, so you're lucky if you come across them!

And don't forget the jumbo pumpkins!
I caught something really big!

This is for ornamental purposes only, so unfortunately you cannot eat it...
But I feel like I want to try it (lol) so let's enjoy watching it!

I also caught some cute little ones.
It may be hidden somewhere on the farm. Please look for it!

Agricultural Department Manami Saito

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