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Midsummer, it's still okay! I have a recommendation for you.

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Heat of late summer we would like sympathy.
Hello. This is Oka from the West Japan Sales Office.
It's intense heat, lingering summer heat, isn't it? This year I'm wearing a mask, so it's a fight against heat and stuffiness.

Today in Hiroshima, due to the typhoon, there are strong winds and occasional sideways rain.

"I forgot to send you a mid-year gift!"
Please rest assured. Ark is still available! ! !

My personal recommended gift is "Additive-free ham sausage gift 'Mori'"!
After all, there is no gift that contains a loin ham block other than a single item, so some people who have sent it
I am very pleased.
Cut the loin ham into thick slices, sauté it, and eat it. that is. . sensational taste.
The repeat rate of those who have eaten it is quite high, and I often hear the words "This is the first time".

In the photo, it is sliced thinly, but please try cutting it into 1cm lengths.
If you want to try it, your own gift is also ok.

Click below to jump to the gift order screen, so please check it out.
Gift set list screen

There were no typhoons in July, but they started popping up in August.
I pray that it will not lead to a big disaster.
Have a nice Obon holiday.

West Japan Sales Office Hirotaka Oka

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